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Icon Educate has 18 subjects areas where schools can create courses with specific content delivered to multiple teachers and classes for a more uniform school curriculum. Alternatively, schools can choose to offer multiple courses in a subject area that will also allow teachers to create unique content based on their course and class needs.

Subject Areas

Each teacher receives courses based on their assigned subject areas with the courses divided based on those subject areas assigned. There can be multiple courses divided by the subject areas in order to help teachers to organize all their courses across multiple subject areas such as reading, writing, or grammar.

Subject Courses

Each course can have uniform content provided or teachers can provide their own content. Additionally, a teacher can add to existing content simply “personalizing” a lesson to add additional multimedia, quizzes, or interactive whiteboards.

Course Content

Content is divided into At-Home and In-Class. For the At-Home content, it can show before the In-Class content (pre-class activities) or after the In-Class content (post-class activities). If required, create as many classes as needed (i.e. Class 1, Class 2, etc.) to divide content across a multi-day lesson. If desired, schools can provide standard content but teachers still have the option to “personalize” a lesson to add their own unique content for their class only.

Multiple Classes

Content can be delivered individually to multiple classes within a course. Teachers are able to prepare whiteboards personalized to each class in order to facilitate differentiated instruction. Additionally, teachers can assign activities (in-class or at-home) to different classes at different times or choose not to assign it to a given class.

Head Teacher Access and Analytics

Program heads or head teachers have access to all teacher accounts assigned to them to access teaching materials if they need to cover a teacher’s absence or check the status of each subject. The information allows a quick overview of where a class is at (what they are studying at that time) as well as what they have done. The detailed analytics tell what interactive whiteboards been prepared and when they were launched as well as how many students did the assignment.

Student Analytics

Teachers have detailed analytics for each module (chapter) that shows the status of all interactive whiteboards and assignments for each class. It offers a quick overview to teacher to see what has been used or shared and how many students in each class have completed it. Additionally, it shows if an interactive whiteboard was “prepared”. Preparing whiteboard will not share them with students but allows a teacher to review and make changes before going “live”.

Assignment Analytics and Grading

Teachers have access to individual assignment analytics as well as the grades earned by each student. The analytics are based on overall achievement for that assignment, either for an individual class or for every class that attempted the assignment (if a shared assignment across multiple classes). Additionally, teachers can review individual student grades for each assignment to include the score and time needed to complete. Finally, teachers can automatically include student assignment scores in the integrated grade book as a graded assignment rather than just a review assignment.


Teachers can make announcements to their students in each subject and even by individual class. The Buzz feature allows announcement to individual classes along with various types of downloadable attachments including multimedia if the teach wants to provide a video announcement. The response feature can be disabled to allow for clear communication or can be turned on if feedback is desired. Announcements can be schedule to release on a specific date and also track how many students in each class have viewed the announcement. Pop-up notification are sent to mobile phones through App for announcements and assignments given.

Grade Book

Each subject comes with a grading function that allows teachers to create as many grade books as required with each grade book unique to the grading requirements of a class. Additionally, teachers can create any grade components they require such as homework, classwork, etc. and assign that component as a percentage of the total student grade. Teachers can then review student scores as a whole with color coding to give visual warning of students not performing well and the ability to download an excel spreadsheet with all the grade details to provide to schools offline. Finally, there is the ability to drill down for each assignment component to see the details for an individual student that makes up their current score.

Personalized Teaching Content

Schools can create master teaching content to “push” to subject teachers based on a centralized school curriculum while also allowing teachers to personalize content based on their students’ needs. Teachers can add additional classes to each modules/chapter so as to organize their personalized teaching resources. In addition, teachers can choose to add new interactive whiteboards or any of 8 different assignment types to be completed by students at home or in class. There is an option for teachers to schedule an assignment release date in advance as well as a due date to include date and time released or due.

Video with Embedded Questions

One popular assignment type for teachers is the ability to upload their own videos which they can then embed multiple choice comprehension questions. This allows for a learning activity behind students viewing the video as well as to monitor student viewing of the video. Additionally, the videos questions are graded for each student which teachers can use to assess student comprehension. Some teachers choose to record portions of their lecture and upload later with comprehension check questions. Alternatively, teachers can use the youtube video assignment to embed youtube video via a weblink and then create their own offline comprehension worksheet.

Open-Ended Assessment

A unique assignment type for teachers is the open-ended assessment. This allows for teachers to ask students a question and include their own attachment (multimedia or document), if needed. Student responses can be either text, document attachment or even multimedia. This assignment type is popular when teaching language learners because students can record and submit video via their cell phones. The student’s video answer to the question provides teachers with individual speaking assessment rather than written while also freeing up class time that would be taken up with individual speaking assessment. Teachers then grade each student’s open-ended assignment and provide individual, private student feedback.

The Interactive Whiteboard!

The backbone of the Icon Educate app is the Interactive Whiteboard. The Interactive Whiteboard is a feature-rich component of the app that is cost-effective when compared to other options such as smart boards. Schools can use a classrooms existing LCD projectors along with an Apple TV or Google Chrome to create a 21st century learning environment requiring minimal IT support and installation. Additionally, the interactive whiteboard is easy to use…if you can use Powerpoint, you can create unique interactive presentations quickly and easily!

Individual Whiteboards with Notes

Another unique feature of the Interactive Whiteboard is the ability for students to have their own personal copy of the teacher’s presentation on which to take their notes. Teachers will write on their whiteboard slide similar to how they would use a marker to write on a whiteboard. Students can then write their own notes on the whiteboard slide during class as the presentation is projected live to their devices. Alternatively, the students can revisit a teacher’s recorded whiteboard presentation at home to add their own notes. The recorded interactive whiteboard allows schools to decide if and when they want to integrate tablet devices into the classroom.

Interactive Whiteboard Tools

The interactive whiteboard comes with multiple tools to provide an easy-to-use interactive experience. Aside from standard write, typing and highlighting tools in multiple sizes and colors, there are also tools to resize or move content. Additionally, there are math tools and content embedding tools to include content on your device as well as safe search embedding options for youtube and google. The system supports all formats of images, MP4s, PDFs and other document formats as well as Powerpoint (with animations). Finally, there are live quizzing and polling tools to quickly assessment student comprehension during a lesson.

Interactive Whiteboard – Device Management

Another critical tool for teachers included with the interactive whiteboard is integrated student device control. Using the “Manage Students” tab, Teachers can quickly access a screen that allows them to:

  • Monitor student devices.
  • Lock/blank all student devices.
  • Control individual student devices (lock, broadcast to all students, make student a presenter).

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