Do you have “How to…” videos?
Yes.  You can view those on the Icon Educate Youtube Channel.

Do student have to have a tablet or computer in class?
No. Icon Educate can be used as a hybrid system where teacher uses a tablet in the classroom and students can use their phone when directed by teacher or access Icon Educate for home activities. When school is ready, Icon Educate can convert to digital classroom with student devices in the class.

Can I use the app on more than one device?
Yes. Teachers, Students, and Parents can install Icon Educate on as many devices as they wish and use their personal login to access the learning system. Or you can access it from a browser anywhere.

Can I use my own teaching materials?
Yes. You can create your own teaching materials or custom classes. Simply work with Icon team to let them know what your courses are. You can also personalize the resources provide by Icon Educate in their courses.

What languages does Icon Educate use?
The Icon Educate user interface and user manual is currently available in English and Thai.

How much does a teacher’s account cost?
Teacher and Parent accounts are free with student accounts. Schools receive 1 free teacher account for every 20 student accounts and each student account can have 2 free parent accounts connected to it.

What devices does it work on?
The system is cross platform compatible to work with Android, Apple, or PC.  The app is available on Google Play or Apple Store.  You can down on as many devices as you want and login.  For example, download it to your tablet and your smart phone, or just log into the system from a web browser.